Anton Kubikov – Fasten Musique Podcast 231

A new name for the blog this week, Anton Kubikov.

Anton Kubikov is a DJ who’s name I kind of recognise more and more over recent years – he seemed to have built a name and reputation in the mid-2010’s in Moscow, had a record shop in Prague and one point, and is now based in Berlin – curiously there are no DJ sets listed since 2022 in Russia itself.

Likewise as a producer, he’s been bubbling under for a little while – the only track of his that I’ve really been into is Q1, which remains on my vinyl wish-list. He’s had released on Nervmusic Records, Kompakt and Rawax – slowly Anton Kubikov is building a reputation.

This is a stand-out mix to me, just quite glorious a 75 minutes.

Deeper and more on a house vibe to start, it glides through tracks by the likes of Dana Ruh and Losoul.

But whereas many mixes would then go up tempo, Anton actually takes us deeper, with some really cool, dubbier sounds.

This is a really classy mix, along with being technically top notch too. Enjoyment rating of 7.91.

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