Cristi Cons – Yoyaku Instore

Cristi Cons was one of the original bunch of new Romanian DJs to really bring about the hypnotic minimal sound nowadays known as ro-minimal. Him and Barac were kind of pioneers for me – of course, there are hundreds of DJs in Romania now doing the same thing, and a few even elsewhere in the world.

This was recorded in 2017 as part of the Yoyaku record store video podcasts, and you can see a handful of customers just casually browsing – like Boiler Room but in Paris so way too cool to go there or dance or anything.

It is everything that you’d expect from one of the main ro-minimal protagonists, it is minimal, it is hypnotic, there are some gorgeous basslines and beats.

Amazingly there is a tracklisting on Youtube – and it features some of the best producers of the sound, be it Jay Bliss, DeWalta, Vlad Caia or Cristi Cons himself, produced with Sublee.

It just plods along and relies more on the quality of the productions, though there are glimmers of his style as a DJ – but he’s more one of those DJs that lets the tracks do the talking.

Some seriously great music here from Cristi Cons and one you can listen to repeatedly for many years without it growing old – it’s 4 years old already.

Enjoyment rating of 7.71.

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