Dekmantel Podcast 154B – Ben UFO

The first track on this mix is awful (in my opinion). It’s enough to normally make me hit the forward button and forget about the mix.

However, over the last couple of years I have become increasingly intrigued by the Hessle Audio sound – Ben UFO being one of the founders of Hessle Audio. And like very few record labels manage, they do encapsulate a sound – that kind of off-beat techno – leftfield if you like, but I don’t like the word “leftfield”. Hence I stuck with the mix.

I was already intrigued but when the unmistakable electro basslines of Drexciya hit – I was moving. Unmistakable except I thought it was Model 500 at first. A powerful twist.

The mix flicks between offbeat, electro and techno tracks, kind of edgy and kind of exciting – I always feel that there is more to get from Ben UFO – his best mixes are ahead of him as opposed to many DJs who’s best days are behind them.

My enjoyment rating is 7.33.

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