Francis Inferno Orchestra – Dekmantel Podcast 165

I didn’t get this mix on first listen, and chances are you won’t either.

It all fell together on a dull, damp morning whilst on a bus to an industrial estate near Luton. Suddenly, I realised that my psyche had been transported to a Mediterranean beach with several beautiful women dancing nearby, and free-flowing cocktails arriving from tuxedo’d waiters.

And then my bus arrived.

Yet a light had been lit, and every time I had a few drinks, this became my go-to mix. I’d go so far as to say it is the mix that I have most enjoyed in years, though perhaps my memory fades.

If you listen to the first 10 minutes, you’ll probably be like, “what the fuck is he on about?”. There’s nothing approaching a beat for nearly 15 minutes – the introduction being of shimmery ambient that will lose some and intrigue others.

And then it isn’t too long before you are listening to someone talk about opening a chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken stores with Fidel Castro, still wondering what-the-fuck – yet you should be in beach dancing mode by now.

The regular foreign vocals help, as does the amazing ‘Le Chat’ by Pussycat (the chorus apparently means “come on, touch your neighbour’s pussy”) – the moment where I was transformed from Luton to Las Amigos.

Amongst the fun and the weird, there is some proper house music and a touch of acid – there is definitely a journey thing going on. And the mixing is pretty much spot on.

I’m giving this life-changing, smile-enhancing DJ mix a massive enjoyment rating of 9.45.

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