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Philipp Gorbachev – XLR8R Podcast 674

Philipp Gorbachev is from Moscow, but thankfully for him at the moment, is based in Berlin.

He’s quite a character from what I’ve read in the past, flamboyant and perhaps in-your-face – you could also describe his music somewhat as so. In fact, I’ve previously featured his Resident Advisor mix from last year – which also features Barnt’s Local Fame, for whatever reason. It is a kind of edgy, hammering track that might explain Philipp Gorbachev somewhat.

But otherwise the mix is different to the Resident Advisor one that I wrote about – that focused on his tracks, this mix has a few of his own tracks, but other tracks by the likes of Stanislav Tolkachev and Robert Hood.

It doesn’t take long to get into it. His music is full of energy but also some anger and industrial elements.

Also it doesn’t necessarily go in a straight techno line – the energy and pace of the mix varies, the beats occasionally stomp, but then sometimes the music drifts away a little. And I love how raw the last track is.

Philipp Gorbachev is a curious person and this is a curious mix.

My enjoyment rating is 7.02.

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