Ralph Lawson – Live At Laut, Barcelona (2022)

Oooh 4 hours of Ralph Lawson. What a treat.

Where to start with Ralph Lawson? Well, he has been one of my favourite DJs for years – decades even, I would have listened to his 90’s Essential Mixes – and though its possible I’ve never seen him live, Ralph Lawson is one of those super credible DJs that might have been around forever, that I have followed for such a long time, yet you could easily never see him play.

I think he was co-founder of Back To Basics – or certainly resident from 1991 until 2020 – a ridiculous 30 years, the kind of proper Yorkshire stability I profess to believe in.

And then he has his 20/20 Vision record label, which has an insane amount of great music released on it – from the likes of D’Julz, Fred Everything, Crazy P, Paul Woolford (that 2006 omni-present Erotic Discourse track), Simon Baker, Subb-an, Tuccillo.

He’s been such a major player in dance music for several decades – yet doesn’t really get all the plaudits he deserves. He probably doesn’t care, as he’s achieved a career with whopping credibility – and those that know, know how good a DJ he is.

This DJ set is the kind of top drawer mix you might expect from someone like Ralph Lawson with said decades in the scene – lots of really quite underground music, from the likes of Schatrax, Nicola Cruz, Dynarec and John Tejada. I feel like I’m just name dropping now. Well, there is a tracklist for a change.

At first, it is more on the level of electro and breaks – without being too heavily in either camp, and you could probably say that overall that is marginally more the vibe.

However, through the 4 hours there is a variety of styles and emotions – dubby sections, slower sections, uplifting sections – and some occasional fun tracks. Not to mention a huge amount of really quality tracks and a few classics.

This really is a superb DJ mix from Ralph Lawson. My enjoyment rating is 8.17.

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