Ricardo Villalobos vs DJ Sneak @ Amnesia Opening Party 4th June 2018

At first glance this may not be the most obvious B2B pairing, however Ricardo is very much a house music DJ and even back in his more minimal DJing days he was pretty up-tempo.

Not Sneaky

The mix starts up-tempo with the semi-classic, “Set It Off” by Boris Werner. It flows through various strains of house music – you can often tell where Sneak and Ricardo pick up from each other through not only their mixing styles, but the music they play.

This isn’t like the best DJ mix you’ll ever hear. You’ll likely have heard much of the music before and some of it isn’t that interesting, at least for my ears.

However it is a very listenable mix, it is danceable and their are occasional moments of sublime – particularly the pitched-down remix of Paul Rutherford’s “Get Real”.

Well worth a listen but it won’t change your life. My enjoyment rating is 6.75.

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