Space Dimension Controller – Soundwall Podcast 311 30/05/2016

Wow. Space Dimension Controller. What can we say?

We first saw him at fabric’s birthday a few years back. The dancefloor was busy, yet he played the most out-there weird music of the day, and subsequently completely cleared the dancefloor.

We went upstairs for a drink. Sat down and slowly we realised that the 4/4 beat we craved was returning. We returned, as did many folks and towards the end of the set, he had people dancing like you rarely see – limbs protruding, legs moving – rarely have we had so much fun in fabric, and we’ve had a hell of a lot of fun in that club.

This mix is without his trademark space dimension vocals, however it does start with a couple of slightly disco-tinged tracks of his.

It moved steadily into house territory, with tracks by the likes of Bicep and Cajmere – it does nothing particularly special, becoming rather tame and gentle towards the hour mark. Indeed, we were starting to become a tad disappointed by this point.

And then it goes into super-special territory. We are not going to give the game away – we do ask you to please, please, please not to look at the track-listing, don’t skip the mix forward – just set yourself a little over two hours and listen to it in full.

The rewards will be yours. And you will be wanting to dance like you haven’t done in ages. And boy does he have fashion style.

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