Acid Mondays – Circoloco Radio 060

I think it is safe to suggest that Circoloco is a brand still trading on it’s early 2000’s coolness when it was kind of the underground, in Ibiza anyway. The podcast series is a mostly a dull series but there are a few hidden gems in there – such as this mix from Acid Mondays.

I don’t want to sound too harsh on Circoloco – they were pushing really good, edgy, underground house/minimal in the early to mid 2000’s but those days are long gone – we all change our tastes and outlooks over time, be it clubbers, DJs or party brands, and Circoloco has drifted to something much safer and more mass-appeal over the years.

Normally I still want edgy, or at least minimal. But good quality house music still has a place in my heart and this is what this mix from Acid Mondays is all about.

This starts quite deep, almost on a proper US 90’s garage kind of tip, before getting housier with tracks/remixes by the likes of Motor City Drum Ensemble and MK.

For nearly 2 hours it sways between deeper sounds and housier sounds, with Ohh by Mood II Swing being a particular highlight – if not exactly on the edge. But sometimes it is good to simply hear a house classic, especially in these more gloomy and lonely of times.

Enjoyment rating of 7.24.

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