Adam Shelton – Gottwood Mix

Adam Shelton is arguably the most under-rated DJ in this country.

He has been DJing for such a long time, and has incredible knowledge of house music and the surrounding genres. Yet many of you may not have even heard of him, let alone seen him DJ. From my understanding of his character, he may well be quite happy to stay in the shadows and just be a brilliant DJ without ever receiving the limelight.

Here he takes on a kind of pre-apocalyptic electro. A sound which I feel will become more prevalent over the next few years – it has an edge and a real ‘coolness’ to it, for want of a ‘cooler’ verb. It is not that far away from house, but has well-constructed synth elements providing melody or beat.

It is kind of a step back to an Anthony Rother-inspired mid-2000’s – slightly prior to the minimal boom, yet with minimal aesthetics and structure.

Expect to hear more music like this over the next couple of years – and do keep an ear out for Adam Shelton – he will impress you every single time.

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