Florian Meindl – Error Session Podcast 050 – 2016

I’ve been following Florian Meindl for some years now, probably not far off 10 years. His first mix that I listened to was quite something – finishing with really blissed-out hypnotic and fairly minimal techno. I never could find out what those tracks were.

For a while he went off the boil, or maybe my tastes changed.

But I’m reconnecting with him as he plays tougher techno, and this mix encapsulates a fairly stomping, fast-paced and uncompromising techno stance – quite some journey from what I discovered him playing.

It thunders along, often with some dark beats, until around the hour mark where it gets all twisted with some bass-style tracks, some really uncompromising stomping bastard beats and some funky electro sounds.

Not the best mix ever, but a very good and varied techno mix nonetheless.

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