Denis Kaznacheev – Trommel Podcast 102

Denis Kaznacheev is a Russian minimal techno DJ that in 2020 became known a little more widely known in unfortunate circumstances due being arrested in Berlin at the request of the US government.

He’s someone that I’ve been following for some years, and those of you in the minimal techno scene will likely be well aware of his exceptional DJing abilities, alongside his running of the well-respected Nervmusic Records label.

This mix is a true wonder for those of us who love minimal – recorded for Trommel who you really should be following as they are the online home of minimal techno, at least in my eyes.

Just short of two hours of glorious minimal techno, lots of clicks and bleeps, occasional basslines, understated melodies. I recognise very few tracks and I suspect many will be unknown to us mere mortals for years to come. As a mix it is just really well put together, and so interesting to be worthy of multiple repeat plans.

And that track at 1hr 27m just fills me with joy – a simple hook but it just fits in magnificently.

This really is quite a magnificent mix – enjoyment rating of 8.28.

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