Andrey Pushkarev – Paraffin Podcasts 015

Andrey Pushkarev is a DJ from Russia who has been on my radar for some years now – well, more than on my radar, I’m a regular listener and enjoyer of his DJ mixes.

And there are quite a plethora of mixes out there from Andrey Pushkarev. Some are more on the minimal, others can be a bit more techno-orientated – and this hour long mix for Paraffin Podcasts is steeped in dub techno.

It is a damn fine mix, broadly as I described, dub techno – with that dubby feel and general atmospheric surroundings. All stripped back and underground – I didn’t recognise any track on first listen.

Andrey Pushkarev is well worth a follow – he does put out some really good mixes – quite regularly too.

Maybe also worth giving Paraffin Podcasts a follow too – they are based in Tehran so perhaps one of the more difficult areas of the world to have an underground scene – kudos to them.

Enjoyment rating of 7.81.

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