Sonja Moonear – fabric Promo Mix

I know what you are thinking. Sonja Moonear doesn’t need to be doing promo mixes for fabric.

But this mix is from 2013 – a time when I still actually went to fabric semi-regularly, a time when we were actually allowed to go into nightclubs – and I time when I thought Sonja Moonear was at her best, at least for my ears.

This minimal mix is as hypnotic as anything you’ll hear from the Romanians in 2021 – at least for the first half anyway. It features tracks by the likes of Andrey Zots, Jeremy P Caulfield and, of course, Ricardo.

It does slowly become a bit more housey as time goes on – away from the hypnotic minimal and just into a fine groove.

Over recent years, Sonja Moonear has played much more techy sounds – at least when I’ve seen her or listened to her, so if minimal is your greatest bag as is mine – then her sets from 2013, or around then, really are gems. This is as fine a listen now as it was back then.

Enjoyment rating of 7.40.

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