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Hodge – RA 24/7 Berlin

Hodge is someone that has been slowly creeping into my awareness zone over the last couple of years. First from a rather rowdy techno track called “Burned Into Memory”, then from some more intriguing techno tracks that I put under the bracket of “offbeat techno”.

This is a clever mix, luring you in with something close to house/techno, before dropping the tempo and switching to a spot of garage with Objekt’s Theme From Q.

It takes a few turns before ending up something close to techno – certainly dark enough but never quite the full-on techno trudge, always keeping you intrigued and on-guard.

The mix peaks in different places, though for my personal tastes it peaks with Joy O & Ben Vince’s Transition 2 near the end.

If you are curious about the more offbeat techno world (or whatever you want to call it), this is a decent mix to try. Enjoyment rating of 7.24.

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