Lamache @ Slwdnc x Yoyaku at Mutabor, Moscow 22nd February 2020

February 2020 in Moscow. The world has changed a bit since Lamache played this set, hasn’t it?

Anyway, nothing more about Moscow other than Fuck Putin.

There might be a well-known minimal scene from Romania, and you probably know some other cities have a hint of a scene too, Berlin, London, etc. But also so does Paris, with the Yoyaku record/label store at the centre of things, and this set was a collaboration with Slwdnc in Moscow, who have also produced some decent minimal DJs/producers over recent years. There are actually some really cool and creative people in Russia…what a disaster that they have a terrorist in charge of their country.

Anyway. Music.

Lamache gets into the groove straight away. A minimal groove. A rather dark and sultry minimal groove.

It doesn’t actually stay that way, despite my associating Lamache with the minimal scene, it heads mostly into house music, fairly underground – actually the mix even has an urgency at times, even straying into some classy techno with Pariah’s remix of Synesthesia, though played pitched down.

And interesting it also diverts into some of the more UK-based offbeat techno sounds that I’ve been into for a while, for example with Hooverian Blur’s Phantom Space, or Violet’s Central Pro Nyc – which is a stunning breaks-led stomper from 1995.

Hypnotic minimal this mix from Lamache very much is not. But much of the vibe and the tracks are not far away from minimal structures, and there is minimal too. Maybe I mis-sold it. Though Lamache is still very much a minimal DJ…often.

Enjoyment rating of 6.95.

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