Yushh: Crack Mix 488

It’s not often that you get such a well-crafted mix as this from Yushh.

When I say well-crafted, it seems that all the tracks fit together really well, they tell a story together – there is very much a defined beginning to the mix, as the chilled yet semi-awkward beats meld towards a bass-led offbeat sound that I rather enjoy.

Yussh’s mis takes a slightly sinister turn when she brings in Dolenz’s Rush More – those beats are dark, and then she follows it up with one of my favourite tracks at the moment, Body Said No by Jabes.

After a while, the mix really slow down, with some really gorgeous basslines and even with hints of hip-hop. All the while the mixing and programming is supremely spot on.

Overall it is a very Bristol sound, which makes sense when Yushh is Bristol-based. I don’t know anything about her really, this mix is the first time that I’ve heard of Yushh, and I’m suitably impressed. Maybe read her Crack magazine interview?

Enjoyment rating of 7.80 (though the quality is even higher).

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