Marcel Dettmann | Boiler Room x Technics x Dommune: 50 years of the SL-1200

Gosh, have I only once featured Marcel Dettmann before?

To me, there’s two Marcel Dettmanns – one that bangs out the techno, and one that is steeped in electro, new wave and EBM. Of course, the reality is that there is only one Marcel Dettmann, but this mix steers towards the latter vibe.

I doubt I need to introduce Marcel Dettmann, as he’s one of techno’s most foremost DJs and producers, particularly well known both for DJing at Berghain and earlier in his career, working at the esteemed Hard Wax. You could say he knows his techno.

The mix starts with kind of haunted electro, flirts with house music before going back into more electro-based tracks – I guess you’ll understand the mix is really going when you hear his remix of Ausgang’s Hypoxia.

There’s more than a fleck of acid, a few moment of house music, and in the second half of the mix it threatens to really take off, though it never quite gets out of 3rd gear – which suits me fine.

It being a Boiler Room, there is a video too:

Enjoyment rating of 6.73

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