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Philipp Gorbachev – RA Podcast 771

Russia’s Philipp Gorbachev came to my attention some years ago, I think in a Mixmag article, and he stood out for his craziness and flamboyancy – in a country where it is easy to imagine this isn’t tolerated as easily as it might in say, Berlin or London.

In my head I had him down as a techno DJ, kind of in the mould of Len Faki, but this hybrid live/DJ mix for Resident Advisor shows him in a different light.

Most of the tracks played are Philipp Gorbachev’s, but my ears really picked up with Barnt’s Local Fame, after which the energy levels really pick up.

Overall the hour-long mix conjures up emotions of anger and frustration, yet is bound with energy and intrigue. Not what you might call techno per se but very much is techno – well, maybe you’d closer call some of it EBM or electro. Whatever your classification, the emotion belongs to the world of techno.

I also really quite enjoy how Philipp Gorbachev has built his live set around a handful of really class tracks, one by Barnt that I mentioned earlier and one by Terence Fixmer.

Enjoyment rating of 6.61.

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