Satoshi Tomiie – Balance Selections 200

It feels like Satoshi Tomiie has been around forever, and in different guises over the decades. And it is his more recent transformation that I’m keen on.

When I previously wrote about a mix of his, I was surprised to hear the sound he was playing – minimal to start, and going into my kind of house music – having long written him off as a progressive house DJ.

I now know what to expect from a Satoshi Tomiie mix, and I find them more interesting each time – this mix starts minimal and intriguing.

It becomes delightfully chuggy for a while, NonniMal’s ArginTæta is a stand-out track for me, which then moves into Steve O’Sullivan’s slightly more groovy Burnt Out?

This is a mix of real underground quality – be it deeper house, minimal or more dubby/chuggy sounds.

Enjoyment rating of 7.40.

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